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San Diego Craigslist (SD) Classifieds – Jobs, Pets, Cars, Apartments & More

Craigslist is an American company which offers classified advertisement websites. The company was formed in 1995 by Craig Newmark. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. Craigslist has different websites serving some 700 cities and regions in over 70 countries. The websites have sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community service, gigs, resumes, and discussion forum. Its websites collectively receive 20 billion page views per month. This makes it the 72nd most visited website in the world and the 11th in the US. More than 80 million classified advertisements are posted on its websites every month. The company earns revenue by charging for placement of classified ads on its websites in some cities like New York where they charge $25 to post job openings.

San Diego Website

Craigslist San Diego is served by its own craigslist website which serves the whole of the Greater San Diego area. On the San Diego website, you can further visit area-specific websites serving different areas within San Diego. These areas include The City of San Diego, North of San Diego, East of San Diego and South of San Diego. The website offers the following sections: for sale, jobs, housing, community, services, gigs, resume, and a discussion forum.

The For-Sale Section

The for-sale section allows sellers to post items they want to put on sale while also allowing buyers to browse through items they want to purchase. The websites allow buyers from San Diego and around the world an opportunity to purchase goods posted on the website. It also allows sellers in San Diego or those targeting buyers in San Diego to get a chance to sell their products. The products are sold under different categories including antiques, boats, books, cars and trucks, garage and trailers. The barter category allows people to exchange goods for goods. Those who post items for sale usually describe the products they are providing and the proposed sale price. The seller also has to provide his or her contact information which buyers can thereby use to contact him or her. Any person who wants to buy a product he or she likes just needs to contact the seller. This process does not involve the website at all. It is important to note that the website is not involved in the sales process. It is therefore important to know that one can easily be defrauded. You are therefore advised not to provide payment to anyone whom you have not met and not to give out financial information and never to wire funds.

The Jobs Section

The jobs section allows employers and employer’s agents in San Diego to post jobs. It also allows job seekers in San Diego and those seeking jobs in San Diego a chance to access job opportunities. The site receives more than two million new job listings each month, making it one of the top job placement sites in the world. The jobs are grouped under different categories. These categories include accounting, human resource, web design, security, medical, real estate and manufacturing. The one posting a job ad gives details about the job including the job description, requirements, and remunerations.

Resume Section

People who are looking for jobs can post their resumes on the resume section.

The Housing Section

The housing section allows property owners to find people to rent or buy their properties. It also allows people who want to buy or rent properties to browse through different products and choose their desired property. The properties are under different categories including, real estate for sale, parking and storage, rooms shared, vacation rentals and housing swaps. Housing swaps allow two people who own homes in different locations to swap their homes. People searching for properties to buy or rent can also post on the site giving a detailed description of the property they desire. It is advisable to always visit and see a property before one can rent or purchase the property to avoid being defrauded. 

The Gigs Section

The gigs section allows people who have short temporary tasks to find freelancers who can do that job. These gigs are grouped in some of the following sections: computer creative, crew, event, labor and writing categories. Most of these jobs posted are temporary with little pay.

The Discussions Section

These sections allow like-minded people to interact with one another and to exchange ideas on various issues. These discussions are grouped under the following categories: atheism, cars, classical music, dance, ecology, gardening, gaming, jokes, tattoos, and vegetarian forums. The 

Services Section

The services section is almost similar to the jobs and the gigs categories. This lets those offering various services post the description of the services they want to offer. These are grouped under various categories. These categories include beauty, creative, cycle, farm, events, financial, labor, travel, and pet.

Banned Sections in the US

The community section allows the website users to solicit for services not offered under the other sections. These services range from searching for housing agent to looking for friends. This section has also been widely used by people who previously used the adult and personal sections. Craigslist has been one of the places where people can openly solicit for sex and other erotic services. Its section has been a popular destination for arranging sex and dates. The site is considered particularly useful by lesbians and gay men especially those in conservative areas, to interact with one another as the service is free. However, it is important to note that this section and the adult section are no longer available on craigslist using US domains. The company has cited difficulty in operating under the tough regulatory environment established by the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act (SESTA).

Conclusion – Craigslist San Diego

Overall the website allows users in the greater San Diego region to search for sellers and buyers of various services and goods. It can arguably be said that it is the largest classified ad site in San Diego. The website contributes a lot to the San Diego economy.

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