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TamilRockers Proxy Sites List & Unblock Tamil Movies

TamilRockers Movie Torrent Proxy & How to Unblock Tamil HD Movies

When you think of people who have released movies, you think of bootleg recordings of movies and one of the first most sought after makers were known as TamilRockers. They posted bootleg recordings, as well as many other newer releases. As streaming movies entered the mainstream, this was the name that became famous and brought out the ideas of movie streaming sites that are popular today, long before the Butter Project and Popcorn Time were ever thought of. However, since they had so many illegal activities, they ended up being banned by India and many other countries for copyright infringements. They posted mainly South Indian movies, but they also had numerous other movies that just came out by major moviemakers as well.

There IS a Way to Unblock TamilRockers

After years of getting in trouble, they decided to secretly host their website, but it’s kind of a pain, that is unless you use a proxy website or use a VPN service. VPN’s are a great way to even access movies on major vendors that you can’t view in other countries (for example, if you use a UK proxy or VPN IP address, you can actually view all of the Harry Potter movies on Netflix, but not in the USA).

Proxy Websites

Proxy sites are similar to mirrors, in which they offer a website that’s a duplicate of a main website. Therefore, they’re registered in different domains (this movement has become very popular with many torrent websites like The Pirate Bay and many others). If you’ll notice, certain sites have numerous domains in different countries available, and by going to them, you essentially get the same website that you would get if you went to their .com address before it was taken down.

Using VPN’s or Regular Proxy Addresses

You can actually go to the main website as mentioned above by using a proxy IP address. This is a very easy way to change your IP address so that you’re routing your IP through a proxy server. This can come in handy and acts similarly to a VPN so that the website domain itself can’t see your actual IP address. Not only that, but it’s more secure, and helps to keep you from getting into trouble just because you decide to watch a bootleg movie. 

Conclusion – TamilRockers.re

Accessing bootleg movies on TamilRockers HD is actually in some countries highly illegal, but by using a proxy website, you can have the liberty to protect yourself a little bit. If you want to protect yourself even more, get a VPN also called a virtual private network, which assigns to you a dedicated IP address and acts as a proxy for your own computer or router. This enables you to connect also to websites that are in other countries or in your own country if you’re banned from seeing it. This comes in very handy if you’re in a country like India or Indonesia and Singapore where this certain content is banned and you have a harder time trying to find it.

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