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  • Batman Arkham Insurgency
Fb. In. Tw. Be.

Batman Arkham Insurgency

Batman: Arkham Insurgency Video Game Trailer & Release Date

Batman Arkham Insurgency is a new version of Batman that happens to take place just about 3 years after the end of the previous Arkham Origins, and is a stand out in terms of Batman video games as this version just happens to consist of dual player mode.  Batman Arkham Insurgency is going to be featuring Batman of course, but will also have Dick Grayson, who is better known for being Batman’s sidekick, Robin, as the two main characters that you are able to play as. Furthermore, Grayson has been acting as Robin for about the last 2 years or so at this particular point.

The Batman Arkham Insurgency Plot

The plot of Batman Arkham Insurgency is going to be quite different than any of the previously released Batman games, with this particular one being much more action-packed.  In this game, there is going to be a massive HORDE breakout that takes place at both Blackgate, as well as Arkham Asylum. On top of that, there are also going to be a variety of different terrorist attacks that are taking place around the entire city that will need to be dealt with, and finally, it will conclude with the GCPD having blocked off a certain section in the City of Gotham. 

As if that weren’t enough, they have also absolutely lost curb. Now keep in mind that curb is going to be pretty much the main playable area, and in this particular situation, it is going to be occupied with several different criminals and villains. And to cap it all off, there is also going to be a large number of innocent citizens that have become trapped, meaning that both Batman and Robin are going to need to figure out a way to try and salvage as much as they possibly can with that entire situation.

Batman Arkham insurgency:  The Batmobile

One of the more welcome changes that have been made for Batman Arkham Insurgency is going to be the Batmobile.  While there is no longer any type of assault system attached with the Batmobile, all of the controls have been upgraded in order to help recoup any loss from the missing assault system.  When using the Batmobile, the majority of action will be in the form of chase-like scenarios and taking advantage of the extra speed that the Batmobile is going to provide you with. Another huge upgrade in regard to the Batmobile is going to be its ability to navigate around some of the slower opponents that may be in the way while you are trying to bomb them using some of the weapons from the car’s incredible arsenal.  All of these new features are only going to make driving the Batmobile that much better and more exciting, meaning that Batman Arkham Insurgency is going to be a much more fun and exciting game to play.

The Villains of Batman Arkham Insurgency

Within Batman Arkham Insurgency, there are going to be the ‘regular’ villains who are in just about every Batman game, but there are also going to be several new villains that you are going to have a great time trying to bring to justice.  In case you were wondering who the villains in the game were going to be, they include Maxie Zeus, Killer Moth, Dollmaker, Two-Face, Anarky, Ventriloquist and Blockbuster. And just in case that wasn’t enough villains for you to try and combat with, you can also expect to go against Cornelius Stirk, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Mad Monk, Dusan al Ghul, the Riddler, Dala, and of course, Batman’s most notorious villain rival of all time, the joker.  With all of these villains that you will need to battle with and bring to justice, it is safe to say that you, Batman and Robin are going to have their hands full.

Batman Arkham Insurgency Release Date

As for the much-anticipated release date for the game, Batman Arkham Insurgency, it has not yet been officially announced.  This next installment of the amazing Batman Arkham series of video games will officially be called Batman Arkham Insurgency and has been in development since sometime around 2014.  This means that the game has been in development for quite some time, meaning that you can almost guarantee that there has been a lot of time, effort and thought that has gone into the making of this game.  This is a good thing as the quality is going to be in the details, and with the amount of time that has gone into the development of this game, there are going to be a lot of details that will just elevate this game to the very next level when compared to some of the other games in the Batman Arkham series of video games.

Since Batman Arkham Insurgency is one of the more highly anticipated games to be released soon, there has been a lot of speculation going around about what the game is going to be all about.  With that being said, there have been some details about it that have actually been leaked from those working on or around the game. Now keep in mind that these are all just rumors and can neither be confirmed nor denied, they will give you a slight look into what you can expect once Batman Arkham insurgency is actually released. 

  • The game is going to use the Arkham Knight game engine.  What this ultimately means, is that there are going to be some of the best graphics and effects that have ever been seen in a video game, in this video game.
  • Troy Baker and Roger Craig are going to be playing Batman and Joker.  It was leaked that Baker and Craig will be playing Batman and Joker, who played the pair in the Arkham Origins game as well.
  • Boss Battles are being brought back.  There is supposedly going to be boss battles again, some of which are going to be something you have never seen before.  So get ready for some serious fighting.

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