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Who Are the Most Beautiful Anime Women? Gorgeous & Pretty Anime Girl List

Anime is defined as the style of animation that originates from Japan and is still mostly centered in japan. The word anime is derived from how the origins of japan pronounce the word animation. The anime characters are an accurate depiction of how many people from all walks of life define beauty. They have saucepan shaped, big eyes and colored hair, not forgetting glowing skin. They are also given admirable characters to play such that they inspire their audiences to develop certain behaviors, dressing codes, or unique hairstyles. All said and done, beauty is quite a personal view. It lies in the eyes of the beholder. 

However, most girls don’t even require the definition of anime as they have grown up mothering anime dolls. At least three out of five girls had an anime doll in their room while growing up, always brushing their hair and changing their clothes. Even at a tender age, these anime girl dolls influenced how girls wanted to look, from the type of clothes they wore to the makeup on their faces. If you did not play with anime dolls when you were a child, you must have had a favorite anime show like The Legend Of Kora. You may also have read the manga magazines when you were a teenager. These shows had most of us rushing home so that we do not miss even a single minute of their captivating characters. Every soul can come up with a list of their favorite anime girls with good enough reasons and defend their choice with even life itself when called upon. Similarly, below are my favs, and they will surely blow your mind away with their charm and elegance.

Hinata Hyuga 

The first anime girl on my list, Hinata Hyuga, is a true definition of beautiful on the outside and the inside. She is a fictional character in the anime and manga Naruto, where she plays the former head of her clan. Hinata is very shy, quiet, and at all costs avoids social events. She genuinely loves Naruto, and despite all his flaws and quirks, her love for him remains unwavering. Her facial features are gentle, and her dressing is modest, not forgetting her beautiful eyes. 

Mirajane Strauss

Mira is a character from Fairy Tail, who unapologetically wears her white hair that is waist length and had ocean blue eyes. She is an S-class witch who is not famous among her colleagues and neighbors due to her unbearing attitude and intolerance of people. The 19-year-old, however, changes after the death of her sister and becomes humble. She transforms into an innocent look, quite the opposite of who she was. The most exciting thing about her character is that even after undergoing such change, she does not let people walk over her. She is stern when reprimanding Makrov due to inappropriate behavior. 

Akeno Himejima

Another one of my favorite anime girls is Akeno, who is an offspring sired by a human mother and an angel father. This cute anime fictional character who features in the fiction series Highschool D*D is called queen by her mates due to her prowess in elementary magic and holy lighting. Despite the enormous power she has inherited from her angel dad, she is reluctant to use it. She accords Sari a lot of respect in public, referring to her as m despite their closeness. 

Alice Nakiri

The first word that comes to mind with the mention of the name Alice Nakiri is relentlessness. Alice is one of my favorite of favorites on anime-planet. This blonde haired girl with orange-red eyes features in Food Wars where she strives to be the top chef after she was told cooking is a terrible job. She applies her skills from molecular gastronomy to come up with unbeatable recipes. She is bossy and witty and will do anything it takes to get whatever she wants. A true go-getter! Also, She is innovative, hardworking, and beautiful. If she were a human, she would definitely be the perfect wife. 

Karen Tendou

Karen is quite the typical anime character with long blonde hair and green emerald eyes. Besides, Karen makes my list because she is quite relatable. She is not the perfect girl. She is, of course, the school goddess because of her beauty and attractive personality as she is always ready to help her friends and family. She is also kind to those she rejects, taking the time to let them know. However, this queen is terrible at handling rejection. Instead, she will break into unstoppable tears when rejected. 

Miyuki Shiba

Miyuki and her brother lead a healthy but remarkable sibling life. Her brother always comes to her defense when someone tries to start trouble. Miyuki also tries her magic practices on her brother, casting spells on him to try them out. She is beautiful, modest, and attractive. 

Alisa Ilichina 

Alisa, who features in the short series God eater is a true depiction of not letting bad backgrounds and experience get in the way of your future. She will do anything to get to her goal without fear or favor. She is beautiful, brave, and strong. She has blonde locks and deep blue eyes that are captivating to look at. Despite all this, she has a soft side. The fierce look she puts on is to hide the emotional baggage she carries along with her. It is her character that puts her on the list of favs. 

Umiko Ahagon

Umiko from the new game is one of the few black anime characters. The fiction character has quite unique features. She is created with cyan eyes, tan skin, and waist-length maroon hair. She plays programmer and military enthusiast in the show. She is fun to be around. When it is time to work, the girl knows how to grind with zero apologies. She is strict when work is involved and does not hold back when she needs to scold lazy employees. She is short-tempered and can be quite intimidating, but she has a beautiful personality and soft side. She is very relatable and admirable as well. 

Your favorite anime girl may not have made my list, but we all have different tastes and preferences, so it does not make them less beautiful. You can compile yours for the love of anime-planet!

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